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Drawing on a long heritage of market innovation, PCL combine traditional values and modern processes to produce our wide range of products.To this day, our equipment is built specifically to order, allowing each machine to be configured to optimum working efficiency for any material.Planters Clayton is a market-leading manufacturer of bespoke synthetic rubber baling presses and plastic injection moulding machines.With installations worldwide, weve established a reputation for designing, producing and commissioning high quality baling equipment, processing machinery and injection-moulded components for clients in a range of industrial sectors.Cerro del Medio) have been off-limits to most research. The emphasis here was on understanding the secondary distribution of the major sources that appear in the archaeological record in the northern Southwest; El Rechuelos, Cerro Toledo Rhyolite, and Valles Rhyolite (Cerro del Medio).The discussion of this source group here is based on collections by Dan Wolfman and others, facilitated by Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the Museum of New Mexico (see Broxton et al. Due to its proximity and relationship to the Rio Grande Rift System, potential uranium ore, geothermal possibilities, an active magma chamber, and a number of other geological issues, the Jemez Mountains and the Toledo and Valles Calderas particularly have been the subject of intensive structural and petrological study particularly since the 1970s (Bailey et al. El Rechuelos is mistakenly called "Polvadera Peak" obsidian in the archaeological vernacular (see also Glascock et al. Polvadera Peak, while a rhyolite dome, did not produce artifact quality obsidian.The three domes are approximately 50 meters in diameter each and exhibit an ashy lava with rhyolite and aphyric obsidian nodules up to 15 cm in diameter, but dominated by nodules between 1 cm and 5 cm.

Each of our engineers have a specific field of expertise and come equipped with a general knowledge of the entire package...

This density of nodules and artifacts forms a discontinuous distribution all the way to Rabbit Mountain. N., 2007, The Ar age constraints on the duration of resurgence at the Valles caldera, New Mexico: Journal of Geophysical Research, v.112, B08201, 15 p.

The discontinuity is probably due to cooling dynamics and/or subsequent colluviation.

The surge deposits immediately south of Rabbit Mountain contain abundant obsidian chemically identical to the samples from the ridges farther south and in the Rio Grande alluvium, as well as in sediments above the Puye Formation between Espaola and the Toledo Embayment. NAA analysis of Rabbit Mountain lavas is very similar to those from this study (1910; see data here).

While Obsidian Ridge has received all the "press" as the source of obsidian from Cerro Toledo Rhyolite on the southern edge of the caldera, the density of nodules and nodule sizes on ridges to the west is greater by a factor of two or more.

The PLANTERS division of the company was formed originally in London as PLANTERS ENGINEERING Co. With a manufacturing base in Bolton, North West England, the company specialised in natural rubber processing equipment and...



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