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Member is an end user of DM Planet services joined through the partner web-sites or affiliate banners associated with the partner account.

Partner is a person who registered on DM Planet white label and affiliate network.


You have achieved success because you have made the right decisions.

DM Planet takes no responsibility for the commission collection problems due to the misspellings of partner details by the partner in the Wallet section of administration area.

If a client is doing a chargeback for the service of the site, then the balance of a Partner is cut down to 50% of the sum of the chargeback.

You can also search for specific product documentation.

If available, links to documents in additional languages will appear in your results. You can use it at point of sale locations to make purchases, whether online or at retail locations.


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    If you disagree with the council's decision not to award backdating, or you do not agree with the period it has been granted, you can appeal against it to the independent Appeals Service for Housing Benefit and the Valuation Tribunal for England for Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

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    Two years later, Alex has been the opening act for two of Tyler Ward’s tours and now splits her time between Colorado and Los Angeles working full-time developing her You Tube channel.

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    If you're an open minded adult or couple, interested in making money by offering such a service you should register and tick the relevant box.

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    To get rid of you, Jessy tries to make you watch a show on TV.

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