Who is logan lerman dating

But these all rumors to its end when they participate in Oscar 2015 together and they caught on airport after celebrating birthday.

Here we talk about handsome Logan Lerman who is a dream boy of number of fans that always interested to search about Logan Lerman girlfriend 2015 along that is he engaged to married Alexandra Daddario or till dating.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Logan was shown a picture of Selena and he instantly knew why!

After discussing her admitted crush on him, he said, "I’ve never met her before, but that’s really nice. I’m very flattered.” It seems like everyone is happy to be Selena's crush!

Then according to source he thinks that till he is not entering in an age when he takes such decision perfectly.

He must needs to be more mature that come with growing age.

co-star Alexandra Daddario for a while, but that doesn’t mean other celebs can’t look.



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