Who is jayde nicole dating now


I don't know what went down."So has Jayde reached out to her former co-star (and screaming match partner) in the wake of the break up news? "I know she probably has a million people on her ass texting her trying to figure out [what happened] so I just wish her the best and it's for the better for whatever reason."Wow, looks like these two really play nice! "But it was good, they knew how to make ratings and how to make a good show and they did it.Well except for a little jabbing…As for who Kristin should date next, Jayde tells us, "She needs to date someone with a really strong personality who can counter her strong personality."And while Jayde reveals that Kristin will "probably move back to L. now," is this town big enough for the both of ‘em"I'm glad she's coming back," says Jayde. The show was very not real so we never really actually fought."What! They never said it was real after the first couple seasons, they're like, ‘it's entertainment' and that's what we were all told to say."But one on-screen drama filled relaysh that former Playmates!Especially in times of need After being allegedly dumped by her fiancé last week, K.Cav is getting support in some unexpected places…Like from her former rival!When she turned 11, she stopped modeling for a time, as she was finding herself becoming "too mature to be doing kid's jobs." When she was 15, a scout from a Toronto modeling agency spotted her outside the Air Canada Centre as she was leaving a concert and offered her an opportunity to return to modeling.


In October 2008, Nicole appeared in a presidential election spoof video for Funny or

The video, "Playmates Heat Up the Presidential Debate", also features fellow Playboy models Jo García, Grace Kim, and Christine Smith.



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