Who is j cole dating

On top of that, He Holt is also a wedding planner, giving her the inside scoop on some of the best bridal shops around.She took to Instagram and posted a pic: But then marriage, marriage is just a relationship to me.I’m sure they both thought the third time was a charm but it turned out to be otherwise.Neither of the two have made public statements about their breakup.Melissa started shopping for her wedding dress earlier this year, it wasn’t enough to keep J Cole around.Melissa has accepted J Cole’s marriage proposal 3 times in total.Although his popularity is at an all time high, his relationship is at an all time low.It’s been reported that J Cole and his girlfriend and fiancée of 10 years Melissa Heholt have allegedly broken up and are going their separate ways.


The picture was allegedly posted immediately, so we can assume their encounter was in December based on the Instagram timeline.” The site goes on to claim that Bria posted another Instagram photo inferring she was pregnant — but there has been no official announcement about whether Bria was ever pregnant with J.

There has been recent speculation that the two have made plans to tie the knot and a photo from @Lfaybridal confirmed the news as she was spotted dress shopping in their boutique.



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