Who is eva larue dating

I found a reality and freedom and empowerment in the possibility of everything.

Suddenly everything became possible, like when I was 20 years old. when I realized I had to stop limiting "me." It must've been hard, as I doubt you saw yourself being in the position you were in – divorced again – and turning 48 in Hollywood? I realized I was supposed to be here and that this is going to catapult me into possibilities I never even realized were there before.

I think mainly because I "have" to work out and stay in shape. It's something you never really perfect, but I think as you are retooling you can use your baggage and stories as something that fuels you. I think those things can become an excuse as we get older, and we all know someone who, as we get older, just gets increasingly bitter.

I have to be on it more now than when I was younger, so I think I do feel stronger now than I did in my 30s. It's an easy pool to pull from; it's an easy go-to, until you really clean and clear it out and really say, "I want to go back to this but with wisdom and I know different." That is a real empowerment.

I also love Mexican food, but when I do, I'll try to get fish tacos.

If I add enough salsa it still tastes like Mexican food to me, but always with flour tortillas.

I started horseback riding again, something I did as a kid.

I added some Pilates, but at my age I found the important thing was really doing weights.


It became a daily practice to take those thoughts – catch them midstream – and flip them over, find the positive alternative.

So the body part of things – the fantastic shape you're in – that came from the divorce and renewed commitment to yourself?

That kind of happened - they call it the divorce diet (laughs).

Your muscles start to atrophy, so I do those two days a week for maybe an hour or so.

I also jump on the treadmill for 15 minutes to warm up. But, seriously, nothing makes me more nervous - even when I was in my 20s and modeling - than being in a swimsuit. " I mean, I don't kill myself in the gym, but I will definitely push myself.

Following the end of "CSI: Miami" – she starred on the series from 2005 until its 2012 cancelation – La Rue decided to take some time off and just be a mom to 13-year-old daughter Kaya.



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