Who is dating on american idol


After being dropped by Interscope Records following a change in the company's management in 2012, Reinhart expanded the agreement she had with her music publisher, ole, in 2014.Reinhart signed with ICM Partners in March 2016, in addition to her ongoing deal with ole.


Although she was among the bottom three singers on four occasions during the finals, she advanced through to the penultimate week of the competition after giving memorable performances of "House of the Rising Sun" and "I (Who Have Nothing)" during Top 5 week and Top 4 week, respectively.

He'll soon encounter an overwhelming amount of female fans when he and his fellow contestants travel the country on the Idols Live Summer tour."The ladies weren't like this back before 'American Idol,' it was tough on me back home," he confessed.



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    I got a bit nervous and we had a first kiss and everyone got so excited about this first kiss but we've kissed millions of times,' the 27-year-old said of their latest hook-up before reminding the audience (and Charlotte) that they've had sex on TV.

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