Who is cassadee pope dating 2016

Her technique is so amazing."Pope says the stories from cancer patients she's met on tour have affected her deeply."I met a woman who was about a week and a half away from her last chemo treatment.Despite her pop-rock background, she chose Blake Shelton to be her mentor.However, Pope's audition was considered controverisal by some because of her past experience as the lead singer of Hey Monday with some claiming that she had an unfair advantage because of that."Her songs are so hard to sing, and she's always been known for her hard, belting voice.That's how I learned to sing - by following her example.



"The EP is something that I've held so dear to my heart, because I was there the whole time recording it, but also writing the songs, and I feel like a co-producer with Corey Crowder.Her first single is a cover of the Faith Hill song "Cry".



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