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His photographs are on display at the Fondation Cartier in Paris from today.

fondation.DAVID BOWIE WITH SCOTTIE DOG (1980) BY BRIAN DUFFY Photographer Brian Duffy had a special relationship with the late David Bowie, who will be honoured in an orchestral tribute at Glastonbury today.

JAY, NAGANO (2015) BY MANABU MIYAZAKI Keen to capture the nocturnal habits of his wild neighbours, the Japanese photographer Manabu Miyazaki invented his own “camera trap”.

After he set it up in the mountain forests of his native Nagano, Miyazaki’s motion-sensitive camera took remarkable images of birds flying through the dark, bears on the prowl and other moments observed from a “tree’s eye-view”.

PLASTIC SURGERY (2005) BY OLIVER TOSCANI Originally shot for a feature on beauty and the modern woman in Elle magazine, this image has become one of photographer Oliver Toscani’s most notorious.For his new book, On Reading, Mc Curry – who attended Hay Festival in 2015 and whose Magnum colleague, Stuart Franklin, will be speaking this year (see p16) – has captured readers in the most diverse locations, from an Afghan in a manhole, to a monk in an Italian monastery.



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