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To get specific details on your refund the best option is to review the official IRS Where’s My Refund tool once your return has been accepted. Filing early can be beneficial because you get your filing done sooner (less stress) and get your refund in hand, but the IRS has said average refund times are the same no matter when you file.There are some other ancillary benefits of filing sooner like less chance of security issues with someone else filing falsely on your behalf but for most people they are dependent on their employer(s) to provide tax documents like W-2’s before they can file.The IRS confirmed that started processing electronic tax return filings (e-File) from Monday, January 23rd 2017.Final tax returns are due by Tuesday, April 18th; unless a 6-month extension is approved.This year’s presentation reveals different output numbers.BMW’s new estimated output numbers for the B48 engine is 181-255 hp and 330-400 Nm.


The IRS also reiterated that filing your taxes electronically is the most accurate way to file a tax return and the fastest way to get a refund.It is expected that more than 150 million tax returns will be e-filed in 2017.Deadline for 1099 statements (factors in your AGI income) that report non-employee compensation, bank interest, dividends and distributions from a retirement plan.So we can expect the F30 328i LCI to do 255 hp and 400 Nm, up from the existing numbers.

Installed in the new MINI Cooper S, the new engine produces 192 hp and 280 Nm of torque, with a 300 Nm overboost.If you did not select the electronic deposit option, getting a paper check mailed to you adds about a week.



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