Updating thumbnails


Black is the colour I've used for the Nav Bar, so I presume it's using that, but I can't work out why it doesn't display a preview of the site.

Hi I have recently started building my first site with Webflow and I can't even being to express how easy and rewarding it's been!

My only real problem is that the thumbnail for the site on my dashboard is just black!?

It doesn't display a preview of the site's homepage like it should.

I noticed your custom domain is published, but not the

i believe our servers take a screenshot of the thumbnail. If you're worries about SEO, you can disable indexing of the site via SEO settings: Hi @Dutch, totally can hear you there Once the preview is saved, it should be safe to also unpublish the domain, the preview should be saved.

In this ongoing series, that we’re creatively calling: “Thanks Tips”, we’re going to share little gems, tricks and “hacks” we’ve come up with that may not save the day but will definitely reduce the amount of swearing going on around your office. Just copy and paste your URL into the box there and press the happy “debug” button. Note: if you’re a “social media guru” (I think I just puked in my mouth a little bit) and you can’t read the results of the Facebook debugger then you should grab a little HTML class and do some reading.



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