Updating solaris

This is a number similar to 3434354 that defines for Oracle the products you have licensed for support.

After you have registered your Support IDs, you must be approved by the Customer User Administrator (CUA) for your organization.

Не прошло и 3х месяцев, как наш местный оракле наконец выдал нам често купленный суппорт план на свой (теперь уже окончательно Oracle а не Sun) Solaris.

После получения SR ID, пройдите на зарегистрируйте контакт, если у вас еще нет никакого, введите SR ID и ждите, покуда вас проаппрувят (обычно в течении суток).

The download and install the 36 recommended fixes works fine, but the system does not restore after the reboot.


y# cfgadm -c unconfigure sata6/3Unconfigure the device at: /devices/[email protected],0/pci1458,[email protected]:3This operation will suspend activity on the SATA device Continue (yes/no)?Quickly, here’s how I upgrade my Solaris 11 box, which has 4 SATA disks.



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    Nationalization and investment spurred by Soviet authorities led to extensive growth.

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