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The result, Pocket PC 2002 is the most powerful class of shirt-pocket PDA ever offered for personal or business use.In general, Pocket PC 2002 devices fall into one of two categories: general business devices and rugged industrial models.He's been a technology writer since 2002, and, in 2005, became Editor-in-Chief of Pocketnow, a then Windows Mobile-focused website.


Pocket PC 2002 devices have dispensed with Communication Intelligence Corporation's (CIC's) Jot recognizer, which Microsoft licensed for earlier PDAs, but include two other character recognizers: Block Recognizer, which emulates the Grafitti system that Palm PDAs made popular, and Microsoft Transcriber, which Microsoft licensed from the developer of the recognizer that Apple Computer used on its Newton PDA.Stylus use required modifications to the typical Windows UI conventions—for example, instead of right-clicking to bring up a context-sensitive menu, users tap and hold the stylus on the display.



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