Updating init ora

If you are the customer, it’s always handy when you can easily access your own queries.

It is quite simple to get some information on parameters from SQLPlus.

The result can be limited by adding a part of the parameter name or specify % to see all which then would be a little over 2500 parameters.

S stands for it is session modifiable, I stands for it is system modifiable and D show if the parameter does still have the default value or not.

But for querying multiple View’s, X$ views etc it is easier to have something on hand. Not much, they just fit my needs 🙂 Instead of just querying I’ll query as well the X$ views to see as well the hidden parameter and simple description for each parameter.

The first query does a select on X$KSPPI, X$KSPPCV, X$KSPPSV and V$PARAMETER to display all parameter including the hidden parameters.

of instances (used for sizing SGA) PARALLEL_THREADS_PER_CPU = int PARTITION_VIEW_ENABLED = Deprecated (use partition TABLES) PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET = int bytes Automatically size the SQL working area QUERY_REWRITE_INTEGRITY = RDBMS_SERVER_DN = Distinguished Name READ_ONLY_OPEN_DELAYED = Delay opening read_only files until first access RECOVERY_PARALLELISM = int Server processes to use for parallel recovery REMOTE_ARCHIVE_ENABLE = [RECEIVE[, SEND] | FALSE | ] Enable or disable sending archived redo logs to/from remote destinations REMOTE_DEPENDENCIES_MODE = Remote-procedure-call dependencies mode REMOTE_LISTENER =network_name REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE = Use a password file REMOTE_OS_AUTHENT = Allow non-secure remote clients to use auto-logon accounts REMOTE_OS_ROLES = Allow non-secure remote clients to use os roles REPLICATION_DEPENDENCY_TRACKING = RESOURCE_LIMIT = Master switch for resource limit RESOURCE_MANAGER_PLAN = plan_name Turn on Resource Manager plan | DEFAULT | INTENT] SERIAL_REUSE = Cursor memmory management SERVICE_NAMES = db_service_name [,db_service_name [,…] ] SESSION_CACHED_CURSORS = int Session cursors to cache SESSION_MAX_OPEN_FILES = int Max no.

of BFiles (LOB) each session can open SESSIONS = int Max no.



OPTIMIZER_INDEX_CACHING = int Percent to cache (favour nested loop joins & IN-list) OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ = int Adjust the cost of index vs FTS =path TRACE definition files: ORACLE_HOME/otrace/admin/fdf/ OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX = prefix Prefix for auto-logon accounts [string] OS_ROLES = Retrieve roles from the operating system PARALLEL_ADAPTIVE_MULTI_USER = Tune degree of parallelism PARALLEL_AUTOMATIC_TUNING = Automatic tuning PARALLEL_EXECUTION_MESSAGE_SIZE = int bytes Message buffer size PARALLEL_INSTANCE_GROUP = 'group' RAC: Limit instances used PARALLEL_MAX_SERVERS = int PARALLEL_MIN_PERCENT = int Min percent of threads required for parallel query PARALLEL_MIN_SERVERS = int PARALLEL_SERVER = [TRUE | FALSE] Startup in parallel server mode PARALLEL_SERVER_instances = int No.

Refer to the 10g Upgrade Guide for instructions to update....

It is not really new topic, but rather a personal reference to some practical queries and scripts.

Базы данных TESTВерсия БД OracleВерсия целевой БД OracleШаги выполнения апгрейда БД TEST1.

Установка софта OracleВремя начала: Время окончания: Средняя скорость передачи данных с локального компьютера: 200 к/сек2.So commandline and SQLPlus is the only “tools” available to work on the database.



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