Updating eee pc 701


While the stock Arch kernel works very well with the 701, toofishes kernel have the following advantages: to regenerate your GRUB config file.Restart and select Arch Linux Eee kernel from the grub boot menu. 900 Linux Model: The BIOS update program looks for a file named "900. After renaming the file, updating the BIOS to revision 1006 was successful. 900A Linux Model: with the release 0607 I cannot update the bios with the mentioned hints.The bios zip file is also without the model number for this model. It did not work with a 16GB stick even with only a 16 MB FAT 16 partition on it!


The repository contained customized kernel built specifically for the 701 and some additional packages.Simply changing the font sizes and leaving the DPI at its technically correct value (~134) gave me weird layout problems in some apps, and oddly large fonts in others.For most people, sound should work right out of the box with no troubles.Toofishes' kernel, also known as kernel-eee, can be recompiled to include custom features.

You can download toofishes' kernel PKGBUILD and all the nesseary files from his gitweb by installing the git package and using the following command: The two alternatives here are described in Allow users to shutdown.

On a default installation with Xfce 4 my font sizes were too big, here is what I did to sort them out.



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