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Fumiko will agonize over the outcome, but will eventually make peace with having tried her best Hey guys! I finally have the time (and the patience) to go through and clean this up a little, mostly just by deleting a lot of the random or unnecessary stuff.

So, wow, I haven't changed my profile since I made it when I was thirteen! Updating schedules and story information are/is at the very bottom- enjoy! I kind of just write whatever comes to mind and feels right!

But from feedback and general personal satisfaction, I can say that my best works are probably the really sad, heart wrenching ones, so probably tragedy or hurt/comfort. The Stygian Trilogy is a second-gen Harry Potter trilogy recently turned saga, and it goes super in depth into the world of magic and it's finite details, and also, the relationships and emotions between people under pressures and against each other.

Secret Keeper is a journal-style Naruto modern-world fanfiction, based around an Original Character, and although at first the grammar might throw you off, keep going!

Problems arise if the framerate drops too much: Updating at 30Hz instead of 60Hz may move objects so much that collisions are missed (In a game such as SHMUP that was a big problem): There are algorithms to palliate to this problem but this naive design has many more flaws.

The fundamental difficulty is not the length of a timeslice but its variability: timeslices, regardless of network latency/renderer performances.

From live reloads to URL pushing, form replication to click mirroring, Browsersync cuts out repetitive manual tasks. Customise an array of sync settings from the UI or command line to create a personalised test environment. Browsersync is easily integrated with your web platform, build tools, and other projects.


With each web page, device and browser, testing time grows exponentially.When I started game programming I ran into an issue common to most aspiring game developers: The naive infinite loop resulted in variable framerate and variable time difference that made the game nondeterministic.



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