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Who wants to marry a woman that picks her future husband by touring America and makes her choices live on American television, plus needs to put one million dollars down. Sure, maybe some of the guys look a little geeky and should perhaps dress and behave a little more gentlemanly, but nobody's perfect. I decided early on that she was using this as a step into fame - but one thing that she lacks: talent and looks.

No smart, self-respecting woman (as she claims she is) would ever do that. Cupid is just another piece of trash TV that continues to make a travesty out of the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing. I had to change the station because that blonde girl was SOO rude! Go back home to the real world and good luck finding a man, now!

Star attraction Most of the hype for the show centred around Cowell, who is the executive producer.

The trailers, running for weeks on CBS, all featured the British music industry mogul.

The decision to thrust Cowell into the forefront is presumably explained by his soaring profile and popularity on US TV.

The show's real host, MTV presenter Brian Mc Fayden, is relegated to something of a bit part.

I love the spunk of the blonde, she's right on target with these losers and comes off funny to boot. I have nothing personal against you Simon but you should stick to your duties as a music mogul and American Idol judge.


Just like the Idol show, they tour the country auditioning hundreds of potential Mr Rights.The catch is that they must remain married for at least 12 months to collect the money.The show has a few cringingly funny moments as the guys try all manner of tricks to impress Lisa - and her ruthless friends.Carrie, USA I watched the show last night and I have to tell you I won't be watching again. I would wait till the three women said "Yes, yes, yes, welcome to Cupid", then I would say "No, no, no, goodbye!

I realise "reality" is the big thing right now but hey let's not scrape the bottom of the barrel just to get something on the air. can't this woman find a man, she is certainly attractive enough but if she is anything like her "friends" then I can see why she is still single. Some of the men were losers but the friends are bigger losers. " Of course why would I be there in the first place? Lisa's friends are saying exactly what women are thinking!

Each man has 30 seconds to impress the trio of young women who clearly do not suffer fools.


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