Tom leykis dating single mothers


In the mid-1970s Leykis hosted one of the first public access TV shows on Long Island's Cablevision system, "The Graffiti Hour", a call-in program.Leykis eventually left WPIX, later went to WBAI leaving in the fall of 1981 to go to Albany to work at WQBK.In 2002, The Tom Leykis Show was briefly heard on an irregular basis in New York City on WNEW.Leykis was moved to afternoons from nights to replace the recently fired Opie and Anthony of The Opie and Anthony Show.Especially when you factor in the Leykis-loving male set shamelessly filling any orifice they're privy to, woe be gone the moral implications of deceit.Being an affectionate and very sexual single woman and mother, there's often a tiny pang of envy for those with a partner to share their bed at day's end if only for the sex. Single mothers simply have another person's feelings to consider and must maintain a constant vigil for the protection of her offspring from the Tom Leykis fan who might purport to be a wanna be daddy then ditch. NEVER approach a woman in a club who has her girlfriends with her. If you are not getting laid by the 3rd date, dump her and move on.


You make the money, you decide where you are going and what you are doing. Single mothers are 'lonely, horny and tied down to a few hours of availability' which means minimal attention and time requirements from 'suitors', maximum sexual pleasure and the ever-present excuse of 'but the kid ain't mine' when the time comes to pull the plug.


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