Tokai springy sound serial dating Bongasex online

The ST 115 models are a solid investment,but most of all superb guitars which are quality master built worthy. FENDER EVENTUALLY CHOSE THE GRECO FACTORY TO MAKE THE NOW FAMOUS JV SERIES.

Made in Japan (MIJ) by Fujigen-gakki Notable premium features: Japan only / Domestic model ST57-115 was the top flagship model Highly collectible and sought after first issue decal Premium Nitrocellulose lacquer finish Factory installed Fender U. SO THE SAME PEOPLE WHO BUILD THE GRECO'S LATER WERE BUILDENG THE FENDERS.

(If you want an advice what to do with your money: buy …)Those Springy Sound Strats were available in different variations: first there were copies of the maple neck Strats from the 50ies, and of a 1964 Strat, both in many different colours.

And – depending on the quality of the wood and the kind of laquer – there were models called ST50 to ST100.

The number was also the price in Japanese Yen (the ST50 cost 50,000 Yen, the ST80 was 80,000 Yen)By the way, soon after the release of these Tokai Strats, Fender won a lawsuit so Tokai had to change the design of the spaghetti logo decal.

The series after the Springy Sound is also great but less sought-after than the ones from before.


THE SADDLES ON THE BRIDGE I BELIEVE ARE AFTERMARKET, THE BLOCK IS JAN MADE AND TO BELIEVE ORIGINAL.I was fourteen, and that was a lot of money (especially after I got my first guitar only one and a half year before, a 2nd-hand Fender Strat from 1976), much more than I had.


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