The problems of dating an only child

People with no siblings get a pretty bad rap in the world at large, especially when it comes to the idea of dating an only child.

Another only gets that — and also understands that your desire for intense interaction one moment, and alone time the next, doesn't make you totally nuts.But we want to learn how to share and be good partners, I swear!It might just take us a few tries to figure it out." Onlies are considered loners, but not in the cool "I'm a loner, Dottie, a rebel" way — more in the "everyone steer clear of this weirdo" way.

Never mind that decades of studies show that only children are as well-adjusted as anyone who grew up having to fight a sibling for bathroom time. We're so unused to compromise, we'd probably accidentally murder each other while trying to decide on pizza toppings, right? Your only child partner won't think you're perfect; but they will know that your character flaws are your own, and not just the result of your mom switching to a more reliable form of birth control after you were born.

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