Taylor swift and john mayer dating

Today, Taylor Swift turns 23, but you would never know how old the singer actually is based on her love life.

From 18-year-old Conor Kennedy to 35-year-old John Mayer, Swift is no ageist when it comes to who she will date.

After ‘Dear John’ came out, he publicly responded to the rumors that the song was about him, and he claimed that he didn’t do anything to deserve the humiliation. Well, we’re inclined to take John’s side of the story now, because why would Taylor go back to someone who treated her like dirt? Yeah, her last few relationships haven’t exactly worked out, but she’s Taylor Swift – I’m sure she could find a boyfriend that’s better than John Mayer, although she might think that he’s ready for a deeper commitment now that he’s cheated on and broken up with Katy Perry?

What do you guys think about Taylor and John reuniting, according to OK! Do you believe that they’re getting back together, or the report is full of crock?

Of course, the rumor mill immediately churning, claiming that the two were on a date; however, nothing could be further from the truth — a source close to Taylor reveals to Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY that she was absolutely “horrified” to see him there. “When Taylor saw John it was as if she saw a ghost,” our source reveals.

“She was horrified and, for a moment, contemplated leaving.


Taylor Swift got dumped by John Mayer, wrote a song about him, and then humiliated him in front of the whole world.

So they're both in the same state—again—if that matters.

Taylor Swift and John Mayer are reportedly back together, which would definitely make a first for Taylor.

You tell me: together at the Ritz Hotel in Dallas around March 9. tchlette spy in Dallas, who tweeted that they got out of a bus "together" as well.

As for Mayer, he had a concert at Staples Center Thursday and a gig in San Jose next Friday.

Although one would assume that those three factors are grounds for never speaking to each other again, Taylor and John have inexplicably started spending time together recently.



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