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, I thinknthat their is no hotter wrestler then john cena!!!I love you cena,i am your fans,i will never get tired and bored to watch you every week on raw,i love you i’ll come to beat u i know you are married i just want to say i love you so much john cena god loves you courtney loves you to john cena god please help john cena elbow get better i will pray for you john cena i love you john cena you are the best john cena i ever had i love you so much john cena to john cena from courtney i love you johncena god please help johncena elbow to feel better i love you john cena john cenayou are my super hero i love you johncena you are the best johncena i ever had i love you johncena tojohncena fromcourtney i love you john cena you are my superhero johncena i love you johncena you are the best johncena i ever had johncena you are my superhero can you hold me in my dream johncena i love you johncena to johncena fromcourtney john cena i wish i could meet you right now at my school at he returns, john explains that it was a business cena i just wanted to comment on a few things..There are more important things to worry about other than the personal affairs of wrestlers while your doing that they are living their lives this whole thing is out of control why do you tear down liz and cena when they are rich and don’t give a crap about you.The sports guy bill simmons argued once that cena would never ascend to rock/hogan/austin levels because the jorts make people uncomfortable when he’s in the ring, but this makes me really uncomfortable seeing him wear them out of the ring.I found out that john cena and randy orton are like friends in real life.John yr agreat man and yr body is good i am yr fan jhon yu beat the brock iam shor yu fight hard brock is so tried then yu hit the brock damaged the brock brock is waste man gold berg is coming brock is live wwe gold berg is no 1 wresler in the bussiness i love yu jhon hey this is shelby i very like you and i ama hard core john cena fan from the very day he arrived at the john cena from courtney i lov cen hi elizabeth this is cory i am a big fan of the wwe and with john cena i’ve been watching the wwe since i was 4 years old and i’m 34 years old i live in antioch california and i just read that you guys are divorced i am so sorry to hear that by looking at your pictures you mean a cute couple however john is stupid on for divorcing you no woman should go through that you deserve better i know you don’t know me or know what i look like every tells me i look like paul walker from fast furious or tim mcgraw but if you’re not seeing nobody i would love to take you out and possibly meet my cell phone number is 925 826-4555 a little bit about myself i do have brown hair baby blue eyes i’m white i’m scottish irish and native american never been married have no kids and i’ve been single for 11 years i am on facebook and i weigh about 205 pounds in the job i do is i move buildings for a living i i put houses on trucks and then i drive them from one location to the other by looking at your pictures you’re a beautiful woman and if you have kids that’s ok too but please call me and let me know if you want to meet pacino :-) hopefully i can see you and meet you before christmas if i don’t have a good thanksgiving and christmas and new year your best friend cory elliott no one but liz and john knows what happened in this marriage.


Back at home, nikki models several work outfits for john, but he's super distracted on his minute he walks in, she accuses him of seeing someone calls her a hypocrite for not trusting him, then nikki ends the conversation because she has to get ready to go show the condo that she's trying to in the car with tj, nattie vents about her how much bigger john is compared to elizabeth?

Everything we know about taylor swift's whirlwind weekend: watch to get the scoop on her performance & her shocking deposition!



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    In 1844 it became the first Model Dwellings Company - organizations that sought to improve the housing conditions of the working classes by building new homes for them, at the same time receiving a competitive rate of return on any investment.

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    If you want to meet new people, you’ll be in for a treat because there are thousands of users online at all times.

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    through friends, at bars, at events etc.) Canadians can sometimes be a bit reserved, so staying home and waiting for something to happen online might not wield the best results. Canada is a huge country and very diverse culturally and linguistically.

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    To get us naked, please Create an Account or Login Whos On Now?

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    A ton of generic open-ended questions like “What are your hobbies? We appreciated sites like OKCupid that went beyond that and offered fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice options as well as some more unique open-ended questions.

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    DEAR ABBY: I am dating a great guy I have known for 10 years. We were friends during my marriage, the birth of my daughter and my divorce. I would like things to work out because he is such a great friend and great person. The problem is, I'm still having a sexual relationship with my ex-husband.

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