Southern laws mandating racial segregation included


In Little Rock (Pulaski County), for example, blacks and whites continued to frequent the same saloons and restaurants as late as the 1890s.

In 1892, a concert at Glenwood Park had an integrated audience, and the public springs of Searcy (White County) were utilized by black and white citizens until the late nineteenth century.

The quandary in which most black citizens found themselves required them to consider which would be the lesser of two evils: exclusion or segregation.

Rather than be marginalized entirely, at least when it came to education, they chose separate albeit inferior educational facilities.

The ways in which black Arkansans responded to segregation varied from place to place in the state.

For the black middle class, resistance to segregation often came in the form of enhanced dedication to economic independence and community self-sufficiency even as it fought for first-class citizenship.

Segregation and desegregation in Arkansas cannot be understood using the same model that has defined these matters in other Southern states.

Throughout the state, the pace at which segregation occurred varied.



The earliest state-mandated segregation in Arkansas occurred with the passage of Act 52 of 1868, which established segregated education for black and white students.Unfortunately, along with these marginal successes came great danger.


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