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Still, two decades passed after the Evert gig before he played any public concerts, drawing raves at the Kravis Center in 20. His connections to Meir, Israeli Defense Minister Ezer Weizman and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat caught the attention of President Jimmy Carter.

Yanni obviously learned some investment tricks from his banker father. Charney’s back channel work was directly responsible for the Camp David accords.

Yanni, a flamboyant Greek-born keyboardist known for his meditative instrumental compositions, has sold millions of New Age albums worldwide.

Yanni admitted they argued but said he only grabbed her arms after she kicked him in the groin, police said.

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New Age musician Yanni charged with domestic battery in Palm Beach County New Age music superstar Yanni was arrested at his Manalapan home early Friday morning after his girlfriend accused him of slapping and shaking her during a late-night argument.

Yanni first appeared in South Florida in the late 1990s as the boyfriend of star Linda Evans.

He’s played at the Taj Mahal, in Beijing’s Forbidden City and at the Acropolis in Greece, the country of his birth.

She’s tall and dark, with a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon, possibly a camera in hand. A year and a half ago during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Yanni introduced the world to Krystal Ann, his daughter. Last fall, The Leon Charney Resolution Center opened in Israel, dedicated to the history and the future of negotiations, peace and learning.


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