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ABC Family says goodbye to 2014 with its “That’s So Throwback” programming block, featuring Disney Channel classic comedy series “Lizzie Mc Guire,” “That’s So Raven,” “Even Stevens,” and original movies “The Cheetah Girls” and “Halloweentown.” “That’s So Throwback” airs Monday, December 29, 2015, from midnight to 2AM ET/PT.There is no better time for nostalgia than the end of the year, so why not spend those late nights catching up on the favorite shows of your tween years?Luis turns the janitor’s closet into a happening party spot.( AM – AM) “Influenza: The Musical” Ren is sick and Eileen (Donna Pescow) makes her stay home from school.But tension mounts and The Cheetah Girls start to unravel after blind ambition gets the best of Galleria.In between pursuing their big dream of getting a record deal, the dynamic, strong-minded foursome navigates their young world of "cheetah-licious" fashion and boys, including Galleria’s occasional nemesis Derek (Kyle Schmid).Louis dreads Coach Tugnut's obstacle challenge. ( AM – AM) “Band on the Roof” Tom Gribalski (Fred Meyers) produces a "rock-u-mentary" on the Twitty Stevens Connection, through which we see the rise, fall, and rebirth of the classic Sacramento.


Much to the grief of their friends, Kate and Lizzie enjoy working together, recalling the days when they were great friends.

( AM– AM ET/PT) HALLOWEENTOWN “Halloweentown” stars the legendary Debbie Reynolds as Aggie Cromwell, an eccentric and high?

spirited witch who travels from her spooky and wonderful hometown, Halloweentown, to the mortal world to enlist the help of her daughter Gwen (Judith Hoag) and her grandchildren Marnie (Kimberly J.

Lizzie plans a heist that involves breaking into the yearbook office on the school's "Monte Carlo Nite.” ( AM–2AM ET/PT) THAT’S SO RAVEN Block ( AM – AM) “A Goat’s Tale” Eddie (Orlando Brown) steals the rival school's mascot before the big game, but Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol) feels sorry for the animal and steals it to bring to a farm and a better life.

Also, Cory (Kyle Massey) becomes overly competitive playing an online video game against a girl in Japan.

All the while, Galleria resists taking advice from her protective mother Dorothea (Lynne Whitfield), a former model who wants to shield the girls from exploitation and disappointment; Chanel wonders if her single mom is more interested in dating than parenting; and Dorinda struggles with the secret shame not even her trusted Cheetah sisters know she carries – she has spent her entire life in foster care.


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