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I hope this little girl gets the counseling and help that she needs to resolve this. What requirements did Dave not follow I wonder, just curious? You can't take advantage of a child/teenager even if they act like an adult and are willing. I believe everything happens for a reason and I hope that Dave (who I believe has a good soul) will accept responsiblity for his actions and truly come out of this a changed man.

I hope this little girl gets the counseling and help that she needs to resolve this. The judge ordered that he complete a sex offenders evaluation.

I do not think that Dave is a pedophile but he is an adult and he has to accept accountability for his decisions that he makes in his life.

A 15 year old girl is allowed to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them but when you become an adult and have "freedom" to make decisions, have credit, ability to work for a living and no longer have a curfew the choices we make as adults can take those freedoms away. He no longer has "freedom" and I am sure that he is very hurt and wishes he could go back and undo whatever was done but he can't.

Maybe God has to lock you up so you will finally listen and he can get his point across. This is just my opinion since this is an opinion board and I haven't interacted with his family for 5 years or more, but I think Dave has gotten away with a lot in the past and has been bailed out way too many times, sometimes we as parents try to help our children in ways that do more harm then good, I think Dave is one of these cases.

He is charming and likeable so I can imagine it's hard to say NO.

I can understand everyones shock and surprise but remember most people who knew any person who commits crimes of this nature are shocked to learn it was that person.


I think that the best possible outcome would be that Dave will come out a better man and a better father.Those who know Dave knows what really happened and how kind hearted and caring he truely is.As far as I know a lawyer does not normally advise you to plead guilty to a lesser charge unless you really did do something wrong.He could have pleaded not guilty if he was truly not guilty of ANY WRONG DOING in regards to this girl, but they would have gone to trial and pulled text messages which might have proved otherwise....

If you do know Dave you know that he doesn't always make the smartest decisions, I love the guy and he is kind hearted and caring, I am not saying he had sex with her but I could see him making some other mistakes.a 33 yr old adult who fools around wit a 15 yr is a sexual predator..thats what he caught and pleaded guilty.wrong and its in black and white.


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