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My clinical interests include increasing intimacy and sexual satisfaction, addressing desire discrepancies among couples, and premarital counseling, for which I serve as the lead facilitator in Enliven's ongoing Premarital Intensive offerings.

I tend to the experiences of my clients as a guide to understanding and managing a number of relational issues, such as poor or lack of communication, transitional distress, relational impasses, anxiety, depression, and trauma.""I offer specialized guidance to both couples and individuals in the areas of relational and sexual concerns.

My co-therapist, with similar training & experience, is my wife of many years.

Together, we are an extremely dynamic & effective team.

As a supervisor, I use a constructivist approach to help develop a unique therapeutic identity.""I am a mental health counselor, and a practicing clinical supervisor.


I believe in a strong and collaborative client-therapist relationship, and strive to meet my client's needs in an inviting therapeutic environment.

I believe in utilizing an open, honest, and sex-positive approach to help assess your unique personal goals and assist you in developing more positive and fulfilling relationships- with your self and with your partner.""If you are suffering from a relationship that was once quite strong but has become strained, I can help you get it back on track and built even stronger than ever.


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