Ryan buell and sergey poberezhny dating

"People stare and say, 'What kind of equipment do you use?

' and I say, 'A pen and paper.' The mystery is talking to people, asking them questions and trying to solve the case. "If you're tackling a story on global warming, you have to learn something about global warming," Buell said.

She started crying and being emotional and I thought, we have to help her out.

That was a different part of the puzzle I didn't realize before: Helping people." Buell began PRS once he moved to State College.

Sellers was not alone, but it wasn't the red-haired ghost, spotted by two visitors to the home, that accompanied the medium.

Larry Jones, the boyfriend of Kim's daughter, Ali, saw an older, red-haired woman in a window and thought she was a family member (redheads are not in short supply in the home), but the woman was not a Sokolowski.

When presented with a series of old pictures, both Larry and psychic Sellers independently picked out a woman in one photo as the ghost of the house. "That's a good day," said "Paranormal State" co-executive producer Alan Le Garde.

"I guess it would make for good TV, but they didn't try to push me to do anything," he said.


"None of us [in PRS] are dating one another." As for the Sokolowski family, they enjoyed their visit from PRS and the "Paranormal State" crew, and Kim Sokolowski said the ghost, who can still be heard on occasion, doesn't seem to have minded the investigation.

Their conversation was recorded by digital video cameras for airing in an upcoming episode of A&E's "Paranormal State," which premieres with back-to-back episodes at 10 p.m. The series follows Buell and his team as they investigate reported hauntings, including this one in the Witzel house (circa 1820), home to Peter and Kim Sokolowski and their family.



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