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Thank you so much, I can not begin to express how great this program is!

I will definitely recommend it to my friends and associates."David Anthony Lohr"Your program is great, the service is outstanding. Keep up with the great job."Michael Perl"I love this program.


Every time you get an email newsletter from a retailer you can be sure that they have email tracking switched on.You do not always get a reply to a sent message." Keith Johnson"I've just downloaded MSGTAG Status. Thank you"Chris Roman"I'm very impressed with MSGTAG, it does precisely what I want and integrates perfectly with my email program (Poco Mail) and Choice Mail. MSGTAG is enormously popular windows email tracking software that uses a better read receipt technology to tell you when your emails are opened and when your emails are actually read.I've already recommended MSGTAG to many of my friends and professional contacts."Once again, thanks to you and your company for providing such excellent service to back up a really good product! MSGTAG works alongside your existing mail program and finally gives you some proof that your email got through.Did she really not get the email, or is she not that keen?

With MSGTAG email tracking you now have read proof you need to meet the love of your life.

To find out how to track email with this exciting new version of our read receipt software, head to the MSGTAG Status 2 product page. But how many times do you find yourself wondering if it even got through? You hit "send" and then wait patiently for a reply. Traditional read receipts rely on people to choose to allow a read receipt to be returned to you.


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