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A judge in the 209th District Court in Houston said during Vera’s sentencing hearing on Friday that he does not believe the former English teacher is a danger to children or a classic pedophile, the Houston Chronicle reported.

But Judge Michael Mc Spadden said he wants to send a message to the community by giving Vera some prison time.

Vera told police she had gotten pregnant and had an abortion after Child Protective Services questioned her about the relationship in February, according to KTRK-TV, an ABC affiliate.

Vera probably will not spend her entire sentence in prison.

Police say they had sexually abused 8 boys.] “She has a history of straight-out deception,” Denise Nichols, a Harris County prosecutor, said in court.For technical difficulties with the search, please email: [email protected] explain the problem you are having. A Texas middle school teacher is facing felony charges after reportedly admitting to having a sexual relationship with her 13-year-old student.Vera’s 6-year-old daughter knew about the relationship, even calling the 13-year-old “dad,” Nichols said.

A mental-health professional who works with sex offenders testified on Vera’s behalf.

Karen Lawson said Vera grew up around domestic violence.


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