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Of course, that’s easier said than done: Recently, Ms.Fisher, a self-described Democrat, dated a conservative Republican man. is in human evolution, and I’ve written five books and many papers on aspects of human evolution.“These values are very different.When it comes to amorous relationships — from dating etiquette to what people desire in mates — singles at opposite ends of the political spectrum are as different in the bedroom as they are at the ballot box.Also, conservative Republicans are more likely to experience orgasms. Such are the results of “Singles in America,” a wide-ranging new survey of more than 5,000 single adults designed by the University of Binghamton’s Institute for Evolutionary Studies and conducted in conjunction with the dating website “Liberals and conservatives are looking for entirely different things,” said Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University who specializes in love and sexuality and consulted on the survey.That said, the gap between the two groups was hardly enormous: 49 percent of conservative Republicans said they have had a one-night stand, compared to 65 percent of liberal Democrats.“The main difference is that liberal Democrats don’t feel as guilty about it,” Ms. While conservative Republicans were less likely to have had sex in the past 12 months — one-fifth had had no sex at all — they also were more likely to experience orgasms. Fisher, that number dovetails with both groups reporting the greatest sexual satisfaction within a committed relationship, either marriage or cohabitation.“The one requirement for achieving orgasm is being relaxed,” Ms. “My hypothesis is that conservative Republicans have very clear values, and when you have that, you’re simply more relaxed. Conservative Republicans also are more likely to not have sex on the first date. Good sex is linked with those kind of relationships.”Perhaps the most striking point of red-blue romantic division came when those surveyed were asked about dating someone with strong opinions: Conservative Republicans were more likely to consider that a turnoff, while liberal Democrats were more likely to label the same quality a turn-on.“Liberals like ideas,” Ms. “They’re more likely to want to play with them, more excited by theory and nuance, more interested in people who can challenge their opinion.They get to know the other person, and as you do that, you’ll be more relaxed.“Moving from courtship to committed relationships, people are more likely to be in love and not just sexually attracted to each other. They don’t live as much in black and white.“To be honest, though, I wonder how meaningful that answer is for conservatives.Nevertheless, partisan leaners share many of the political values of – and tend to vote similarly to – members of party they lean toward. Independents outnumber either Democrats or Republicans. A Pew Research Center analysis that examined partisan affiliation from 1992 to 2014 found that, in 2014, 39% of the public identified as independents, which was larger than the shares calling themselves Democrats (32%) or Republicans (23%).In 2004, roughly equal shares identified as Democrats (33%), independents (30%) and Republicans (29%).

There’s almost no overlap.“Like everyone else, I’ve always sort of assumed that the values in the voting booth would bleed into social and personal life.“Watching the debates, I thought to myself, ‘You know, conservative Republicans as a group do not really approve of this.Had he run as a Democrat, this may not have been as much of a problem.’”Given their seemingly deep-seated differences, can liberals and conservatives find romantic bliss with each other?They may be very turned on by strong opinions as long as they’re shared opinions.

We didn’t designate what kind of strong opinions.”Though conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats often seem to hail from different solar systems, there’s one surprising area of political and romantic convergence on which both sides agree: They’re more forgiving of personal infidelity than cheating by a politician. I can’t conceive of caring more about my president than my own partner.

The two agreed not to discuss politics or religion. At first, that is.“I ended the relationship when he told me, quite formally, that he didn’t believe in evolution,” she said.



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