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Check back soon to see some pictures dating back to the 20s!Welcome back for a third round of Rating Your Dating.Check out these sites for the latest news, videos, photos, and happenings at Shaver’s Creek and in the natural world!


Check out the archives to catch up on what’s been happening at Shaver’s Creek!Revisit Foley's History, read the old Bugles (newsletters) or try making Soda Bread by following Camp Foley's recipe!The Gold & Silver Paddles, Anchor Award and Hall of Fame are some of the most exciting recognitions a Foleyite can get.We love knowing what our Foley Alums are up to, so go ahead and send us an .

Check out Camp Foley Current Events to see who's up to what!Still, I definitely agree that Alex is “not unattractive”!


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