Php post submit not updating

It’s recommended not to do this unless you really have to, because it can be confusing, and it’s best to be clear about where an input is coming from.One more thing to notice: the “action” on the form is now missing. However, by not putting in an action, browsers will assume that the form is submitting to itself. I always thought that PHP only executes when I load the page, but the other page where I use same code works very well without JS..Below is a piece of the code that input the results of a query into radio buttons.


But no matter how many times you try, your PHP form is not working. The form e-mail could have been mistaken for SPAM by a SPAM filter (on your PC, on your server, your mail provider probably has built-in SPAM filters, ...).

What I want is some echos and a table to not appear when the script is open but I do want it to show when the submit button for the form has been clicked.


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