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Some of the passport photograph types that we frequently print are listed below.All other types of passport photographs can be printed per customer specifications.Most frequently produced visa photos are: All passport photographs and visa pictures must adhere to specific requirements.In US, a common 2x2in printed passport photo or a digital 600dpi photograph with the same aspect ratio is required for all legal travel and immigration documents.90% of International visa and International passport photo documents require a different image format than the one utilized in the United States.Choose from the following links to download the Passport Photo Studio Application.The application will act in demo mode until registered.*Update Feb 2016* Due to the popularity of this template, I created a better and easier solution for both travelers and professional photographers.


Most of the printed type of document photos are required to be produced on a professional non-glossy paper such as that used in dye-sublimation printing.Inkjet printing is not accepted for printed photographs.Both passport and visa printed pictures must be precisely cut to size with tolerance of 1mm (0.039 inch). European union photographs must be cut to 35x45mm size as EU has standardized process for all European Union documents.Through the years, we have seen a large volume of bad passport and visa pictures taken at places that do not specialize in professional legal photography, and countless examples of people who have had their passport and visa applications rejected in Orlando, FL.

Some individuals had gone through irreversible travel or immigration plan changes that have changed their lives permanently.

All type of photos can be provided in printed and/or digital form.


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