Paranoid dating

But on the bright side, that also means 85-89% of women will be faithful.While there is chance it might happen, you can't live your life in fear.It is normal for the thought of her cheating on you or leaving you to cross your mind from time to time.It's not normal for that to turn into a debilitating fear that consumes you and destroys the relationship.I had a bout of paranoia when I was in my first serious relationship as a teenager.But she never cheated on me, she was absolutely smitten.But I didn't even try because I thought it was normal to feel that way.The relationship died, in large part to my insecurity, but I learned some valuable lessons.

And the tighter you grab the more likely you are to push her away and into somebody else's arms. She can see it, so you need to learn to see the value in yourself as well. Not only is that sad but it is an easy path to jealousy.A woman won't put up with paranoid behavior for long. And all it would have taken to keep her was a positive attitude and no fear. Insecurity in men often comes from being selfish and possessive. She needs to spend time with friends (male friends as well) and you need to trust that that's all she is doing. When she is the only thing you've got you fear letting go of her.


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