Only fools and horses dating agency

Del gets his huge bunch of flowers out of the kitchen.

He finds a sock in the flowers and throws it on the carpet. At Waterloo Station, Del waits nervously for his date.

Boycie talks about his Masonic Lodge and Trigger has a date with a woman, of which was organised by Technomatch Dating Agency.

Del asks Mike Fisher if he can have the pub for the night for Albert's birthday.

Rodney takes her for a cruise towards the dual carriageway.Rodney says Albert took a phone call from some agent the other day.Del says a showbusiness agent, he does not want Albert ot Rodney to know he joined a dating agency, and make them think he cannot pull women like he used to.He also has an upcoming birthday on the 19th November, and seems to be dropping hints.

A day or so later in The Nags Head, Rodney is persuaded by his friends to ask Nervous Nerys Sansom out for a date, and fool him into thinking she likes hard men.

Mike says as long as Albert does not dance or sing, tells no rude jokes and does not drink too much and just sits down and enjoys himself then Del can have the pub. He then suggests if Del is to meet this lady that he meets her under the clock at Waterloo Station.


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