Of oil painting at bamyan in afghanistan predating european


is the capital of Bamyan Province in central Afghanistan.With an altitude of about 2,550 m and with a population of about 61,863, Bamyan is the largest town in the central Afghan region of Hazarajat, and lies approximately 240 kilometres north-west of Kabul, the national capital.The Hephthalites conquered Bamyan in the 5th century.


Precipitation mostly falls in late winter and spring.The area was conquered by the Ghaznavids in the 11th century.In 1221 the city and its population were completely wiped out by Genghis Khan.An HDR image of Upper Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona.

Antelope Canyon is the most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon in the Southwestern United States.

Limited efforts have been made to rebuild them, with negligible success.



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