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I liked the ability to see all the programs available from NPR and save the story for listening or reading at a later time.Also, since I live in Nashville, I have 3 separate NPR stations that I love to listen to, however I can only have one station locked in a time instead of saving all of my favorites in a list to switch between.I would love to give this 5 stars, but there needs to be a lot more content added back in before that happens.The app is pointless when I still need to go to NPR's website to get all the news I missed or want to relisten to.A mystery starts with the world out of kilter, and ends with everything put to rights again.

The company is also making users decide about one person before moving on to the next.

The One app is just as good as the phone version and in both share the same complaint.

Why do I not have the ability to scroll forward, and or does the app just keep memory of where I left a peice of content.

Hinge conducted market research and discovered some very telling norms. And her response — which she’d never say face-to-face — is this: “OK, so this is going to sound absolutely terrible — and feel free to judge me or tell me I’m a terrible person — but I don’t date people who don’t have grad degrees.”Hunt is horrified: “This person just served our military! When you matched with someone, you’d get each other’s real full names (not aliases). And if games were the point, Hinge could never be No. Mc Leod is finally ready to release the new Hinge app — which is different from competitors.“On current apps,” he explains, “you come in and it’s swipe right on this person, swipe left on this person. It’s not about your existing connection.”When you open Hinge, you land in an unusual place: the people with whom you’ve already matched.


For example, 67 percent of women have received a sexually explicit photo or message on Tinder — the far more famous and infamous competitor. That wasn’t enough.“Essentially we realized at a certain point that the path we were on was pretty unsustainable,” says Hinge CEO Justin Mc Leod. Too many users were playing games (Swipe right to see who likes me! By design, the app is encouraging you to converse — not swipe. “You get dropped right into people’s stories, which is a series of questions that they’ve answered and photos that they’ve posted,” Mc Leod says. Hinge created an in-house lab, with thousands of users, to test alternatives to swiping.

There is a startup in the love industry that promised to help people find real relationships — not just sex.


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    Just setting up your profile is a liberating experience in itself!

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