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Age: 23 Occupation: Dancer/Choreographer Hometown: Montreal Audition City: Montreal Place of Birth: Montreal Nickname: Nico Favourite Style of Dance: Contemporary and Hip-Hop Signature Dance Move: “From a handstand, I push back on my hands, roll onto my stomach and press back up on the top of my feet.” Couldn’t Live Without: “A book.” Motto: “The Red Queen’s Hypothesis: It takes all the running you can do to stay in the same place.” Hailing from Longueuil, Quebec, dancer/choreographer Nico Archambault refused to let naysayers stop him from pursuing his passion for dance.“Despite the fact that I was told to forget about it – that I would never make it – I never stopped doing what I thought was right.” He feels his ability to “adapt to different styles, energy and vibes” helped him land a spot in the Top 20 for So You Think You Can Dance Canada.The band has toured all over the world, playing festivals and clubs in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Scotland, England, Scandinavia, Spain and Italy, performing for enthusiastic crowds as far afield as the USA and Australia.Often heading the stage of the legendary Parisian swing temple "Le Caveau de la Hachette”, Nico’s talents are requested more and more in Europe, and he is especially popular in California, where his incendiary performances galvanize both listeners and dancers.

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