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This all-female concert performance of 1776 stars Carolee Carmello (Tuck Everlasting) as John Adams, Andréa Burns (On Your Feet!) as Edward Rutledge, Mary Testa (First Daughter Suite) as Benjamin Franklin, Rema Webb (The Color Purple) as Abigail Adams, Britney Coleman (Sunset Boulevard) as Thomas Jefferson, Jackie Burns (If/Then) as John Dickinson, Arielle Jacobs (Aladdin) as Martha Jefferson, Krystina Alabado (American Psycho) as the courier, and Bonnie Milligan (Gigantic) as Richard Henry Lee.Among them is Ruined, which received the 2009 Lortel Award for outstanding play.Theater executive Harold Wolpert will be honored with the Edith Oliver Service to Off-Broadway Award. Wolpert recently stepped down from his post as managing director of the Roundabout Theatre Company after 11 years.



887 Murray Avenue, Quebec City, Canada: The apartment complex where renowned director Robert Lepage (The Blue Dragon) spent his youth comes to life as a bewitching, tech-saturated dollhouse in this deeply personal solo work.

Seen through the lens of a little girl and her lost cat, 946 takes its title from the number of casualties sustained during these bungled maneuvers — a secret kept, until now, by the American and British governments.


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