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It’s filled with black humor that somehow remains surprisingly light most of the time, though it does periodically dive into some very deep, very dark places.This depth gives the early parts of the series a slow, ponderous pace, but it also sets up some extremely vivid characterization.There aren’t many side characters in NHK — apart from Sato, Misaki, and Yamazaki, the only other character who plays a major role would be Hitomi, Sato’s old sempai, or senior classmate, with whom he shares a still lingering crush left over from their high school days. She will pursue Sato to the ends of the earth, even going to such lengths as dressing up as a cat girl and studying cosplay magazines to find new ways to entice Sato back to her.The first half of the series is gold, but unfortunately, it falls into the same second season slump that plagues so many of Gonzo’s shows, albeit to a lesser degree.


And just when the Hi MEs seem poised to become a unified force for good, an even deeper, darker secret about their purpose is revealed, completely and irrevocably altering the burgeoning connections between the girls.

The Hikikomori problem, and the associated NEET phenomenon — individuals who are Not Employed, in Education, or Training — has plagued Japan for years now.

While these kinds of social problems can be found in other countries, too, the Japanese do an interesting and particularly thorough job of categorizing their problems, and in much the same way that Victorian England dealt with various “Questions” about social issues, the Japanese view their contemporary social ills under very defined headings.

The video game, a Dating Sim created by the people behind light novel series, which not only shifts the action to Hokkaido, but replaces Mai with a shiny new protagonist named Mayo Kagura and the Hi ME with Mi KOs — so, strictly speaking, it's neither "Mai" nor "Hi ME"...

In late spring 2005 it was licensed for release in North America.Mai realizes instinctively that the price of her new power is responsibility — but there's an additional, far more terrible price as well.


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