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On exercises the Regiment conducts raids, reconnaissance patrols, ambushes, amphibious assaults and airmobile operations.The soldiers must be flexible, versatile and fit to meet the demands and complexities of the modern battlefield.The Armoury is a National Historic Site that was officially completed on 30 November 1915.The Regiment is part of the 39 Canadian Brigade Group. C., the Canadian Scottish is the largest regiment in Western Canada and it continues to evolve operationally.I am also passionatly about design, because I am a web/ digital media designer. Возраст 55 из Cheltenham, United Kingdom Онлайн - Сегодня Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 2603 км) I find talking about myself here a bit difficult, but then i suppose you could get carried away but that doesn't always give an honest impression of youself to others.My friends say i am fun to be with and have a laugh with, lost a bit of confidence...Возраст 18 из Chippenham, United Kingdom Онлайн - Сегодня Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 2633 км) Farmer born farmer bred!Horses, shooting and everything country is my life! Looking for someone to settle down with- potential summer cab chick 2017!

I am someone who enjoys life and all it has to offer.

The infantry is the backbone of the army and it leads the way.

As a light infantry regiment, the unit relies on its dismounted skills to be successful.

The Regiment is located in Victoria, Nanaimo, and Courtenay, British Columbia.

The regimental headquarters being at the Bay Street Armoury in Victoria.I moved to years ago and i still havent made any "close" friends. I am a pretty dam fun person, but after I get over the "shy" stage.


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