Mythology of modern dating methods nude mexican dating


In order for radiometric dates to be accurate, the rocks must not have exchanged matter with their surroundings during their entire lifetime. All matter, living and inanimate, is an open system. By quoting the writings of evolutionary scientists, Mr.Woodmorappe points out that they are well aware of the flaws in radiometric dating.He ended up with a BA in Biology, a BA in Geology, and an MA in Geology.


Another problem highlighted in this book is the closed system argument.

He exposes the many fallacies and flaws in isotopic or radiometric dating methods that evolutionists would prefer the public know know.

Each chapter addresses the myths and dispatches them with thoroughness of research and analysis.

The steady but obvious retreat of expectations for dating methods.

How chance alone can explain most agreements between methods. See all Product Description This book is written for people with some technical background, particularly in geology or chemistry.

For example, Woodmorappe(p.41) cites Swisher et al., which questions an earlier radiometric date of 66.4 million years(Ma) by Evernden et al.(1964).


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