Modern dating rules

To me, this not only seems invasive and creepy, but it takes away all the fun of getting to know someone in person. We only care about the trivial things -- whether they like the same movies as us or if we enjoy the same restaurants.

It takes away the joy in someone's eyes when they talk about their passion for road trips, or the nostalgic smile they get when they remember the treehouse that they played in as a kid, or the sullen mourning over a lost friend or relative. We're obsessed with how hot other people think we are or perceive us to be, which is a pretty damn good explanation for Tinder's popularity.


And who needs realness when you have a social media presence and dating profiles to keep up? Our lives are documented in filtered Instagram photos of food, drinks, people, and places. The pain and torment is hidden below the surface, tucked away from the world so that we can appear constantly blissful and fabulous.When is the last time you actually went to up to your dates door to announce your arrival rather than send a text saying "Here," to them?


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