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Boone worked as a surveyor and merchant after the war, but he went deep into debt as a Kentucky land speculator.

The Boones eventually settled on the Yadkin River, in what is now Davie County, North Carolina, about two miles (3 km) west of Mocksville.[6] Because he spent so much time hunting in his youth, Boone received little formal education.

In American popular culture, he is remembered as one of the foremost early frontiersmen, even though the mythology often overshadows the historical details of his life.[3]   Contents   [hide]1 Youth2 Hunter, husband, and soldier3 Kentucky4 American Revolution5 Businessman on the Ohio6 Missouri7 Cultural legacy7.1 Emergence as a legend7.2 Symbol and stereotype7.3 Fiction8 Notes9 References10 Further reading11 External links   Youth   The Daniel Boone half dollar was a U. commemorative coin issued from 1934 to 1938 in honor of the bicentennial of Boone's birth. Because the Gregorian calendar was adopted during Boone's lifetime, his birth date is sometimes given as November 2, 1734 (the "New Style" date), although Boone used the October date.[4] He was the sixth of eleven children in a family of Quakers. (1696-1765), had immigrated to Pennsylvania from the small town of Bradninch, Devon, England in 1713.

Squire Boone's parents Georgeand Mary Boone followed their son to Pennsylvania in 1717.

The pacifist Pennsylvania Quakers generally had good relations with the Indians, but the steady growth of the white population compelled many Indians to relocate further west.


Boone received his first rifle at age 12 and picked up hunting skills from local whites and Indians, beginning his lifelong love of hunting.

There he founded Boonesborough, one of the first English-speaking settlements beyond the Appalachian Mountains.



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