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This ties into the idea of ‘ontology’, where the main way of building data structures is often to describe things ‘A is a B’ and ‘B has a(n) A’.


There are many factors that will affect the reliability of that pressure—failure to let you sit down and relax in a straight-backed chair in a quiet area for five minutes before the pressure is taken, use of the wrong sized cuff, who takes the measurement, how well trained they are, and so forth.

We’ve already talked about complex coding systems and incoherent storage in multiple tables, but surely there is some simple, basic architecture built into all of this complexity that allows us to assert things like “I made the diagnosis of heart failure based on these data, and I’m 99% certain that this is correct”, or “I chose nadolol for this patient because they have portal hypertension and it’s nonselective beta blocking effect is very likely to be favourable in this condition”?

Sadly enough, you’ll find that such capabilities are often alien to the developers of the system. In fact, you’ll often find that the actual architecture of the entire health record is built up using the “is a” approach described above.

To qualify for incentives, physicians and hospitals must be using "certified EHR technology" in a "meaningful manner." These documents give us the clearest picture yet on what features physicians and hospitals need to look for in their EHR technology.

They also tell us how that technology needs to be used to meet the definition of meaningful use during the Stage 1 (2011) EHR adoption period.

But many, possibly most medical data don’t originate from a laboratory and are poorly calibrated or even uncalibrated.


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