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As a teen he moved to Texas and formed the rap group R. G., and upon relocating to Los Angeles, the crew signed a deal to Virgin Records.The group's name was changed to College Boyz and their first big hit, "Victim of the Ghetto," went to #1 on the rap charts.Merely deciding what to have for lunch each day is already one of the biggest stresses in our lives.On the down side, if you like to be the centre of attention, you'll be disappointed.On the plus side, everyone will be jealous that you bagged such a livewire of a woman.We'll certainly keep you on your toes with our ability to go from chirpy to a blind rage in 0-60 seconds.(Soz.)Don't be offended if you see our eyes glaze over when you're regaling us with winding tales of that really funny thing you did when you were a child but you sort of had to be there.There were a few rumors about them getting a divorce.

Never mind the jocks, we tend to go for the boffins of the world because deep down, Geminis crave learning new information - useless or otherwise.Spoiler alert: we're known for having a rather weird sense of humour.


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