Married dating toronto

Your marriage licence is valid in Ontario for three months from the date issued.

If the licence expires, it will not be valid and you will have to purchase another licence.

If you are flexible, we may be able to find you a spot during the week, if given 7 days notice.

For "off-site" weddings, we suggest you book as soon as you have established the date and location of your wedding. The Wedding Chambers is not responsible for providing witnesses.

However, a valid marriage licence is required on the day of your wedding ceremony, otherwise the marriage cannot take place.

How far in advance do we need to book an appointment?

For "off-site" weddings, the duration of the ceremony varies depending on what you have planned with your Officiant. Pictures and videos are permitted at any time throughout the ceremony. We carry a selection of classical music on CD at the Wedding Chambers.Please call us to check our availability any time Monday to Friday, from a.m. By law, you must provide two witnesses for your ceremony.Your witnesses can be family or friends, and are not required to bring any ID. At the Wedding Chambers, the ceremonies are scheduled on the half hour, i.e. The duration of the ceremony is approximately 12-15 minutes, followed by the signing of the Register.From there, everything else is in the details you want for your ceremony.

There's a fair amount of things you'll need to get your marriage license if you're getting married in Toronto.After approximately 8 weeks, you may request a formal Marriage Certificate from the Office of the Registrar General. There should be an information sheet regarding a name change included with the information you received at the time you purchased your marriage licence.


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