Love dating sim 2 cheats fantom


Sims can buy a single dose of a potion, or buy potions in lots of 3, 5, and 10.

In The Sims 2: Free Time, if Sims in the household have a high lifetime aspiration and hobby enthusiasm, the matchmaker may sneak over to the house and leave a Dusty Old Lamp, which can be used to summon a genie.

The gypsy matchmaker is an NPC that came with The Sims 2: Nightlife and The Sims 2: Free Time.


You play as Jenna Moonlight for an unlimited amount of time as the war between the living and those infected by the Blood Pond Ensue.

Pius, Balbinus, Caracalla, Clodius Alb., Commodus, Didius, Elagabalus, Faustina, Geta, Gordian, Hostilian, Maximinus, Pertinax, Philip, Pupienus, Severus, Trajan Decius, Volusian, Uranius etc.

II: 13.000 hammer prices realized for coins put on sale in 251 international public auctions held during 19.

The matchmaker is an unplayable NPC (barring hacks), but can be befriended by, and fall in love with, a controllable Sim.


However, the only socializing actions allowed with the gypsy matchmaker are under the Talk, Flirt and Influence menus (which is much more limited than the Influence menu of a non-NPC Sim).She will stay on a Sim's lot for hours at a time, until she is greeted. She may appear on Downtown community lots, but the only way to be sure of reaching her is to use the phone.


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