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Below is a list of the top 10 tracks from the British singer, songwriter and actress, Lilly Allen. Smile "Smile" is Allen's US breakout single from 2006 about a relationship going sour, however, being ok with it... The music visuals features Allen spiteful, yet hilarious antics as she puts her ex-lover through pure hell after their messy breakup. Sheezus "Sheezus" is the single named after the album, which is greatly inspired by social commentary and greatly inspired by Kanye West's album, (2009), "Not Fair" is a country infused track about sexual frustration in connection with the laziness of her boyfriend. 22 This single is the ultimate 20-something syndrome single which sheds light on a scenario when a girl suddenly realizes she's getting older, out of her prime and can no longer depend on her beauty. Hard Out Here Lily Allen's ultimate anthem for feminists that received a lot of backlash and criticism for its raunchy yet honest lyrics: and considered quite a popular anthem amongst the LBGT community. Somewhere Only We Know "Somewhere Only We Knew" is Allen's song cover of the original single by English alternative rock band, Keane. Speculation over the fragile state of Lily Allen’s marriage to Sam Cooper has been rife for months.Yet until legal documents emerged containing information of her stalker drama, she’d kept silent.


Sometimes even make a platonic relationship can be a challenge in the modern world, especially if you do not have a lot of connections to others through your work.

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